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Cosmetic surgery is my passion, but as well as my determination to provide patients the most innovative, ground-breaking, and effective options for aesthetic enhancement. with scarless cosmetic surgery, I can offer my patients plastic surgery of the future, a non-scalpels or scars.

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Dr Tawfik Sefrioui is among the founders and pioneers of cosmetic not incisionless and Scarless cosmetic surgery , these changes tools and concepts have completely been a great paradigm shift in our practice today.

Dr Tawfik Sefrioui has been an early adopter and inventor of ‘cutting edge’ procedures techniques, all in an effort to provide the best and more contemporary options for his patients. Our scarless surgery facility we are very proud of to announce it as the first of its kind: Center dedicated to practice and development of scarless plastic surgery. we have considered this dream for many years, honing our skills in the basics and components incisionless surgery and non-invasive procedures. finally, technology has taken with the concept that patients want to have plastic surgery without scars, and with less than downtime. Which means less risks, Less time off work, And quicker recovery. With the advent of scarless skin tightening we are on the edge of a technological movement perfect the booming field of incisionless plastic surgery. what areas of my body can be treated with scarless plastic surgery?

Our Scarless Surgery Facility is now offering patients a real spectrum of options:

For some of the most popular treatments areas. scarless facelift , scarless neck lift , scarless arm lift (brachioplasty) , scarless breast lift , scarless thigh lift for a visual on scarless surgery, view our infographics here & here! how does scarless plastic surgery work? a common misconception is that plastic surgery is named because we insert plastic during surgery. In fact, the word of plastic is derived from the Greek word plastikos, which means to reshape or remodel. plastic surgery is the field of medicine specialized in the remodeling and reshape of the body to bring about more aesthetic characteristics, or to rebuild the body. and, plastic material actions that the name because of its remoldable and reshapeable characteristics. with scarless plastic surgery, we use many techniques contour, elevator, remodel, improve the texture, and tighten the skin various regions of the body. we can sculpt, the form and volume control such means liposculpture or fat transfer. we can change the texture or your skin by a number of techniques, and, more recently, we can now effectively and reproducible perform scarless skin tightening through the body with a so many amazing and efficient technologies. what radio frequency and are all similar devices? for years, scientists have worked exhaustive to develop the Holy Grail of plastic surgery: an effective way of incisionless skin tightening. these technologies are today available in our practice to give the solution of your problems without scars and under local anesthesia. little does the public know, that there is invention about to change the way we did cosmetic surgery. we could now increase or decrease the volume and tighten the skin, giving birth to scarless cosmetic surgery revolution.

Our Scarless Cosmetic Facility is proud to be among the first Scarless cosmetic surgery practice worldwide and be the regional leader in the scarless scarless movement.

Note that it is not all about the machines or the technologies, they are sophisticated tools. it is the application of this technology in a thoughtful, art, and measured way that produces impressive, coherent and safes results for the patient that is the most important goal for the surgeon who is very considered for superior skill and aesthetic excellence, Dr. Sefrioui has the unique ability to translate surgical case in incisionless procedures. in fact, Dr. Sefrioui was appointed as an international instructor who trains other physicians how to sculpt face and body using these techniques . Dr. Sefrioui continues to innovate and perfect other scarless surgery and skin tightening. in the near future, other procedures using the incisionless technical will be available as vaginal clamping and eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). the possibilities are endless for surgery without incisions or scars. for more information about our scarless surgery facility, please contact us at 0522398689.

Scarless Cosmetic Surgery Office now offers patients a true choice – incisionless, scarless plastic surgery for some of the most requested treatment areas:

Treatment areas :

  • Scarless Facelift
  • Scarless Neck Lift
  • Scarless Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)
  • Scarless Breast Lift
  • Scarless Thigh Lift
  • Scarless Tummy Tuck