Liposuction: all you need to know

Liposuction: all you need to know

Thin legs, flat stomach … Liposuction helps correct the appearance of the silhouette. Tips and Testimonials: Zoom on this technique of cosmetic surgery.

Before making the decision to undergo liposuction, it is essential to have all the cards in hand. Who to go for surgery safely, what are the prices, how to boost the results after surgery and especially have all the advice of a doctor to be certain that this surgical technique fits your profile.

Liposuction: for whom?

This cosmetic surgery intervention is intended for women as well as men. Nevertheless, about 80% of women versus 20% of men currently use liposuction. The results are more visible in relatively young patients who have tonic and elastic skin, which is more easily shaved once the excess fat is removed. Contrary to the many received ideas, liposuction does not allow in any case to lose weight but only to remove the localized fat cells that resist diets. It is not indicated in cases of general overweight or obesity. The best is therefore to have a normal and stable weight at the time of the intervention.

Liposuction: who to contact?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure in its own right and must be done with a qualified surgeon who you totally trust. To find it, contact the National Council of the Order of Physicians. The first consultation allows you to judge the seriousness of the practitioner and the latter to evaluate your request. If he considers that this intervention is feasible, he then practices a thorough examination using radios, photos and must submit two written documents, namely an estimate containing the qualifications of the practitioner, the place of the intervention, the price and references to his professional insurance. As for the second, it is an informed consent, which must include all the information (type of intervention, anesthesia, risks and follow-up and result to be achieved). Also know that there is no specific number of visits to respect, except the first made with the surgeon and another performed with the anesthetist, between one month and one week before surgery. A mandatory 15-day referral period must also be maintained, between consultation and liposuction. Finally, a postoperative consultation is recommended one week after liposuction.

Liposuction: progress of the operation

First performed in the late 1970s, liposuction, also known as liposuction, is the most common method of suppressing fat volume in many areas of the body: thighs, waist belt, hips, panties of horse, knees … The duration of the intervention and the degree of anesthesia (general or local) depend on the number of areas to be treated and the importance of the operation. It takes on average 30 minutes for an intervention on an area and up to two hours in several areas. The principle is simple: the surgeon introduces fine cannulas through small incisions, usually located in discrete places such as the natural folds of the skin. He can then suck the excess fat and carve the entire targeted area, so that it fits better to the entire silhouette. The important thing is that the handling of the subcutaneous fat is smooth and regular, to avoid unsightly ripples. Note that this operation leaves almost no scar (otherwise, they disappear over time). In the few hours following the procedure, it is mandatory to wear a panty. It is a kind of compression tights used to compress the treated areas and to heal the bruises. It must be worn a few hours after surgery, day and night, for three weeks.

Before the intervention

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that must be organized several weeks in advance. There is no number of consultations given, only the first with the surgeon and the one with the anesthesiologist doctor are mandatory. During this first consultation with your surgeon, you will be issued your estimate (cost of the intervention, fees, expected results …) and your order of panty, which is bought in pharmacy or by correspondence and costs about 80 euros. Nevertheless, it is better to try it on the spot, to check that it suits you and to avoid that it closes you too much. Take your usual size so that you feel as comfortable as possible. Between one week and one month after this surgical consultation, you will also have to make an appointment with the anesthesiologist. He will prepare a complete preoperative assessment (blood tests among others) and will decide if you should undergo a general or local anesthesia. Once these two consultations are done, you will be able to submit your hospital reservation form in the establishment where your cosmetic surgeon practices. Regarding your luggage, do not bother! Take the bare essentials, namely a toiletry bag, one or two comfortable and wide-fitting outfits (most often a tracksuit) and a pair of floppy and soft shoes.

Preparedness for the intervention

You must arrive at the clinic the morning of the procedure, the time to settle in your room, to shower if necessary, to meet the medical team and ask the last questions to your surgeon, before the intervention . In most cases, nurses administer pre-medication in the form of a mild sedative to allow slightly anxious patients to wait for the operation more comfortably. At the time of the intervention, you will be taken to the operating room, where the team is already present with instructions to keep: the disinfection of equipment, the installation of operative drapes and the diagrams of the incisions to be made. The procedure usually lasts between half an hour and two hours, depending on the amount of fat to be removed. The anesthesiologist can then proceed to anesthesia, injecting a product by infusion which takes effect after a few minutes.

After the intervention

Once the operation is over, the medical team will take you to your room, where you will be waking up. After a few hours, you can put your panty that you have to wear day and night. It is also common to have an infusion within 24 hours after the procedure, which includes antalgics and painkillers, to reduce any pain and improve the comfort of the patient. Regarding the length of stay, it is one day with the night of the intervention included. And when you leave the establishment (in the morning if all goes well), you can move and walk but with some embarrassment. Better then to reserve you three to five days of rest or more if necessary. After about a week, there is a postoperative consultation, which allows the surgeon who operated on you to check and remove the sutures. This visit is not mandatory but it is strongly recommended to do it. Finally, know that the results will not be visible from the first days, so patience … And of course, if you feel the need to see your surgeon again in the weeks that follow, it’s quite possible. The important thing is to feel supported by your entourage and your surgeon and especially, to rest the necessary time.

Liposuction: side effects

Even if the liposuction was performed seriously by a competent surgeon, there are several normal side effects that vary from one patient to another, namely edema or bruising called post-traumatic, impressive in sight but which fade after a few weeks. Cases of hematoma, infections, phlebitis, anemia or asthenia are exceptional. In general, the pain experienced following liposuction of moderate intensity and resemble more aches. Nevertheless, this varies from person to person, depending on the sensitivity and the physical condition prior to the intervention. Finally, know that the result will not be observable before 3 or 4 months.