Buttocks Liposuction



While some people strive for the Kim Kardashian look, others wish to reduce the size of their behind. Buttocks liposuction is actually a fairly common procedure, and the expert surgeon at the scarless cosmetic surgery Facility has mastered it. This procedure generally does not involve liposuction solely of the buttocks, but rather a combination of areas to enhance the appearance of the behind. Liposuction can however be performed just on the buttocks if a patient only wishes to reduce its protrusion.
Fat deposits are highly common in the hip area of women, and by removing fat from the hips and flanks, it inherently will improve the appearance of the buttocks. The same goes for the thighs, lower back, and waist.
This procedure isn’t only sought by women though. More and more men have been coming to us for liposuction procedures to enhance the appearance of their posterior. Liposuction of the lower back, flanks, and buttocks can produce a perfectly sculpted result.
Performing buttocks liposuction takes skill, expertise, and a keen eye for the male and female anatomy. The procedure is customized to each individual to provide optimal results for their gender, specific frame, and aesthetic goals.
Buttocks liposuction with our Advanced Liposuction expert Facility begins with local anesthesia administered to keep our patients comfortable through the duration of the procedure. A thin cannula specially designed for fat suctioning will be inserted through tiny incisions made in the appropriate places. Those locations will be marked prior to the procedure beginning. The state-of-the-art technology liposuction melts the fat deposits to make suctioning easier and the experience more comfortable for the patient. The surgeon will remove the outer fat layer of the behind, and possibly surrounding areas, to create a round, perky shape. Once the desired contouring results have been met, the expert surgeon will apply surgical dressing and a compression garment.
The recovery time is short and comfortable, this surgery is under local anesthesia and ambulatory the patient goes home few hours after her or his surgery.

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