Dr. Tawfik Sefrioui’s Liposculture

Learn more about his personal techniques called “integrative & Interactive Liposuction”


Current research shows that fat is our friend! It is characterized by durability, which allows to move the fat on different parts of the body. Dr. Tawfik SEFRIOUI offers liposuction or lipofilling, the intervention that will allow patients to perform a fat transfer, that is to say to remove fat areas where patients do not want and move to places where patients want more volume or fullness, fat can be placed anywhere on the face or body.

Trying to eliminate pockets of excess fat that accumulate on the abdomen, flanks, thighs, and other areas of the body can be a frustrating process. Often, diet and exercise on their own are just not sufficient to the task. In such cases, many people who want to achieve more aesthetically pleasing body contours turn to liposuction or liposculpture, which has been one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures for more than three decades now. This safe proven procedure has allowed millions of patients to improve their figures through the precise targeting and removal of isolated deposits of fat. Often combined with other plastic surgery procedures such as subdermal skin tightening and breast augmentation, liposuction is a potentially ideal solution for anyone looking to refine and rejuvenate their body contouring.


Treatment of large volumes of fat or lighter, liposuction is currently the most effective solution to treat hereditary or acquired sources of cellulite and adipose tissue combined with cellulite treatements depending on its stage. All advanced stages are treated under local anethesia using topnotched cuting edge technology called VASER SMOOTH.

In some cases where the skin is very loose mini tummytuck can be indicated done under local anesthesia.


For who ?

For people who have excess fat on several areas or one area of ​​the body. This cosmetic surgery procedure is suitable for people who are overweight or light, but is not recommended for those who are obese.

Additionally, a candidate for liposuction needs to be healthy enough to undergo this type of surgery.


The best way to determine if you are a good candidate is to call for an appointement with Dr Tawfik SEFRIOUI who will decide with you what would be the best option for you because every single patient has his own tailored procedures.

The intervention

Since the mid-eighties, most of plastic surgeons have used the traditional liposuction technique: using cannulas connected to a vacuum to do liposuction mostly under general anesthesia.

Dr Tawfik SEFRIOUI has been a world expert in liposuction and as a cosmetic instructor using the latest technologies for his patients under local anesthesia with no down time no bruising and fast recovery.

At Artistic advanced Liposuction at the Scarless cosmetic Surgery Facility in Casablanca,
we believe that liposuction is not simply about removing fat, it is about art of the human figure. We aren’t satisfied with just removing some fat and making you smaller. We believe that in order to make you look your very best, we have to remove your fat very completely, smoothly, and beautifully. That means that Dr. Tawfik Sefrioui spends the time to find your most beautiful body contours and then sculpts those contours seamlessly into surrounding areas. Treating liposuction as an art is what sets us apart from our competitors. Dr. Tawfik SEFRIOUI blends art with liposuction because he is a lifelong figure artist with taste and skills of performing a unique sculpted body you ever dreamt of using his unique surgical technique.

Artistic Liposuction is a concept that specializes in one thing only and that is awake liposuction or liposculpting. Over the past last years, Dr. Tawfik has completed so many beautiful cases in Casablanca and all over the Globe. By using only local anesthetic we perform liposuction more safely with quicker recovery. Using awake liposuction, Dr. T refined it with his own method known as integrative & Interactive Liposuction. His new method yields a more profound result. This means a more dramatic outcome that is smoother and more beautiful. Our results are second to none.

Fly In For Surgery
If you are considering having a procedure performed by Tawfik and are not located in the Casablanca area, we have tailored a fly-in program for many of our patients who come from all over the world. Our office is conveniently located in downtown casablanca . Our patients are provided with hotel lists, and a list of concierge services to create a comfortable time in Morocco to meet their individualized recovery needs.

Elective areas of liposuction in photo

The consequences of the intervention

They are proportional to the amount of fat extracted. The pains are especially present the first week. The appearance of the edema is contained by the wearing of a panty adapted to the morphology of the patient or the patient. It is halved in about a month and completely disappeared after three months. Bruising resolves within 10 to 20 days after the operation. Fatigue can be felt the first days, especially in case of major fat extraction. The patient can take a quick shower the day after liposuction. No bath before 8 days. He can move and walk right away but will have to wait 4 to 7 days before resuming a normal active life and stopping the sport for 1 month. It should not expose the operated areas to the sun or UV for 1 month.

The results: A thinned silhouette

The aspirated fat cells do not have the ability to re-multiply. The result of a liposuction is definitive, which is very motivating. Visible almost immediately after the operation with minimal bruising; minimal pain, and the result is optimal after three to six months  and will depend on the degree of the skin laxity stage,the skin will retract  permanently on the new curves. for Advanced Laxity stages bariatric surgery is required.

The success of liposuction depends on the quality of the skin: it is better to have a thick, toned and elastic skin that retires naturally after the operation. Our technology for skin tightening is a revolutionary procedure for scarless cosmetic surgery . Dr Tawfik Sefrioui’s technique and Skills are well described to achieve the best results well tailored to your case.