Facial Liposuction


Facial liposuction


Expert Liposuction Surgeon Dr. Sefrioui Turns Liposuction into an Artistic Sculpting
Procedure: Look 10 Years Younger and More Beautiful in an Hour.
These days, there are so many alternative for patients to look younger through different cosmetic procedures on the face. Botox and fillers help to rejuvenate and last 3 to 6 months. Skin rejuvenation through lasers can significantly reduce wrinkles. However, the area of the neck, chin, and jowls are not improved with the above procedures and can be a significant cause of someone looking older.
Although, many people immediately think of a face lift as the procedure to look more youthful, liposuction alone without any cutting just small holes can produce an effect on many people comparable to a face lift and look almost as tight. With An integrative Artistic Liposuction and the results that Dr. Sefrioui creates are not the typical results seen with liposuction. Dr. Sefrioui has joined his background of a fine artist with his experience as a cosmetic surgeon to create a much different type of liposuction called integrative artistic liposuction that is more similar to fine sculpting.
Who is a good Candidate?
Patients with a moderate hang  or bulge of fat on the neck, and also a noticeable jowl are the ideal candidates for Face Lift Liposuction. The skin should not have a lot of wrinkles, but a small amount is okay. Only by having Dr. Sefrioui look at you personally or in good photographs will we be able to tell you for sure if you are a good candidate.  You must also be in relatively good health without any significant cardiac problems or previous stroke. We do a comprehensive medical evaluation prior to surgery to make sure you are safe for the surgery. The surgery is very safe and tolerated well by most patients but we like to make sure that patients don’t have extra risks.

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