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Muffin top… love handles… no matter what you call it, it seems like an impossible mission to fight. The waist and hip area of a women is one of the hardest places to slim by your own efforts. Women’s hormones drive fat to store in their waist and hips, as opposed to men who typically experience majority of fat in the form of a “beer belly.” Women naturally have more body fat than men, and during adolescent growth spurts, women’s fat increase rate almost doubles the rate of men. This fat stores mostly in the pelvic region, and it tends to stays with you as you age.
Yes, body fat is a necessity of life, but you don’t have to live with an excessive amount. And although hours are spent doing cardio, the waist and hips seem to stay the same size. Whether due to hormones, pregnancy, age, or slow metabolism, women are predispositioned to gain a little extra padding around the waist and hips.
integrative artistic Liposuction Technique is fantastic for the waist and hips as it is one of the best areas to show dramatic results. An hourglass figure can be considered a stamp of femininity, and this procedure can provide just that.
The process begins with a local anesthetic being administered so patients are comfortable during the procedure. While keeping a keen eye for maintaining the feminine figure, the surgeon then inserts the small cannula through a tiny incision to remove the appropriate amount of fat from the waist and hips. The surgeon does so making sure the results match the proportions of your body.
After a waist and hip liposuction procedure women have found that they have gone down dress and pant sizes and their clothes fit much better. Women can appreciate their newly slimmed curves, and even an enhanced appearance of their behind.

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