Liposuction of lipedema – we advise you individually!

Lipedema is a predisposed and pathological increase in fatty tissue found almost exclusively in women. Even if the upper part of the body is slender, it is possible to diagnose an increase in the circumference of the legs or buttocks. This sometimes results in sharp pain, and often deformations in the form of dimples appear. The ankles and the instep are always spared by the increase of fatty tissue. There is a strong transition between the excess fatty tissue of the calf and the thin ankle. Congenital connective tissue weakness with involvement of the blood vessels is often the

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Liposuction of lipedema – the operation

The procedure is performed under an anesthesia of so-called “standby” tumescence, that is to say that a large part of the anesthetic product is injected into the fatty tissues. An anesthesiologist doctor monitors your vital functions and injects you with analgesics if necessary. The patient is in a state of relative awakening so that he can turn around according to the instructions of the operator. This is very important, especially for liposuction of the thighs and buttocks. A satisfactory aesthetic result can only be achieved if certain muscle parts are contracted actively or the leg can be held in a certain position during the operation. If it is only a liposuction of the lower legs, it can be performed under general anesthesia. In this case, the operator or the assistants can maintain the leg without any problem and active participation of the patient is not necessary. Even under general anesthesia the operative risk is not high for a liposuction not exceeding 4 liters, as we usually practice at home. Patients are kept overnight under medical supervision in our clinic after surgery to parry and immediately treat any circulatory reaction after liposuction. Liposuction is performed using small special cannulas, we use the vibration technique. The suction cannula is activated for vibration by a small motor in the handle, which makes it easier to liquefy the fatty tissue to better suck it.

Liposuction of lipedema – after the operation

After or even the day of the operation, the excess liquid can flow from the incision points. This is normal and in this way reduces the formation of hematomas on the skin. A suture of the incisions is not necessary, an obvious cicatrization is not to be feared. We recommend wearing a compression tights after the operation for a period of 6 weeks to 3 months to contribute to a better transport of lymphatic fluid. You can get up and walk the same day of the operation as long as your cardiovascular system allows it. Body care is necessary the first days but you can resume the work completely after about a week.

Success rate in liposuction of lipoedema

Liposed liposuction can achieve good esthetic results, but in some cases it is sometimes necessary to make a skin lift, especially when the skin is very distended by the accumulation of fatty deposits before the operation.