Traditional vs. Advanced Liposuction

Traditional vs. Advanced Liposuction

Many people, both men and women, have problem areas of the body that refuse to respond to diet and exercise. It is important to look and feel your best for health as well as mental well being. Dr. Tawfik Sefrioui is the leading cosmetic doctor, offering several different types of advanced liposuction.As one of the first doctors in the Morocco to offer these advanced types of liposuction, Dr. Tawfik Sefrioui’s Practice office performs more lipo procedures in a month than most cosmetic physicians perform in a year.

Your local doctor might offer one or two types of liposuction, but Dr. Tawfik Sefrioui offers many types:

And others

About Traditional Liposuction

Traditional lipo was once the only option for patients who wanted to remove large volumes of fat and reshape their body. Today, traditional liposuction is almost obsolete, having been replaced by numerous techniques that are more advanced, yielding better results with less recovery and downtime.

How Traditional Liposuction Works

Traditional liposuction is a major surgical procedure, performed in a hospital or operatory setting under IV sedation. The surgeon will make one or several incisions into the target area. The treatment area is infused with a tumescent fluid and a then cannula, or tube, is inserted to break up and suction out the fat.

The surgeon uses manual force to dislodge fat in the treatment areas and suction it out using a vacuum like device. While the cannula removes fat it can also tear nerves and blood vessels causing swelling and bruising.

Unlike advanced liposuction techniques, traditional liposuction can cause lumpiness and loose skin. Traditional lipo is best used today to remove large pockets and can be combined with more advanced techniques to tighten and smooth skin as well as define curves and muscles.
Advanced Lipo Procedures

Liposuction has come a long way since its introduction in the US in the early 1980s. Today, with new technology, the loose skin and lumpiness that comes with traditional lipo is avoidable. Advanced lipo procedures require less downtime than traditional lipo, with most patients returning to work within just a few days.

Dr. Tawfik Sefrioui performs the following procedures:

VASER Lipo® – A minimally invasive procedure that is used for smaller, more concentrated areas of the body and to shape the figure.
Body-Jet® – A gentle, pulsating spray of fluid, water-jet assisted liposuction that dislodges fat.
And Others …