Vaser Smooth


Vaser Smooth


Farewell to cellulite and skin-free technology “Vaser Smooth”

Vaser Smooth is a technique that is designed to give the ability to double the high-density to eliminate the excess fat and cellulite in the area where the fat accumulates to make it level and smooth, through the use of ultrasound energy in fat burning and extracted gently to keep the skin after treatment smooth without impact Cellulite.

Steps to remove cellulite in a “Vaser Smooth”

1. Slit the skin less than 1 cm to insert a medical device.

2. The water solution is injected with an anesthetic drug in the treated area.

3. Ultrasonic energy is sent through the Vaser Smooth tube to break down the tissues of the fat cells causing cellulite and the skin is not smooth to become liquid.

4. Liquid lipids are exhaled to the outside of the body gently without harming peripheral tissues.


The VASERsmooth procedure begins with making a small 4mm incision; local anaesthetic is then spread under the skin to numb the area. Then we insert the VASERsmooth probe and move it backwards and forwards under the skin, this emulsifies the superficial layer of fat and helps the skin to retract. We then cut through the bands which cause the dimpling of the skin.

The next step is to shift the fat using the Hamlet Sweeper, a surgical instrument specially designed by Dr Grant Hamlet for the VASERsmooth procedure. The Hamlet Sweeper redistributes the volume beneath the skin allowing us to achieve contour and shape. This redistribution also stops the fibrous bands from re-connecting and causing dimpling to re-occur.

VASERsmooth procedures can be carried out under local or general anaesethetic depending on what is recommended in your consultation.

Recovery & Results

VASERsmooth procedures require little downtime and you can be back in work the following day if necessary but we recommend that you take a day or two to recuperate as there is usually some leakage of fluid in the first few days. This is just the local anaesthetic put into the skin to numb the area, leaving via the small incision made. Bruising will vary from patient to patient. If you are someone that bruises easily you may have significant bruising post procedure but this will fade within 7-10 days.

The compression garment is key to achieving the best possible result and should be worn for up to one month post procedure. Made from a lightweight stretch fabric, it can be worn unseen under everyday clothing and the sensation is similar to that of wearing control pants.The garment will help to prevent bleeding post procedure and therefore limit the amount of bruising. It also helps to improve skin retraction for a smoother result.

It takes approximately one month for the bruising bruising and swelling to subside enough to see your results. These results will continue to improve over the next 6 months. All patients should see one of our specially trained Aftercare therapists for an hour of post surgical massage therapy and ultrasound treatment in order to check all incisions are healing as they should and facilitate better skin contraction leading to a better result. This service is included in your treatment fee.