Wal technology body jet

The new body-jet® evo represents an innovative enhancement to the 1st generation of the proven and reliable body-jet®. These products have turned water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL) into a successful and worldwide established method of gentle adipose tissue harvesting and autologous fat transfer.
Using innovative water-jet technology, the fat cells are gently detached from the connective tissue, by means of a fan-shaped pulsating water jet and simultaneous aspiration.
A revolutionary drive system, integrated in the body-jet® evo, allows increased precision, control, intensity and effectiveness of the water-jet. It is possible to perform the liposuction faster and easier allowing the surgeon to harvest medium and large volumes of fat for a more efficient transfer.
Thanks to the gentle effect of the water-jet, the surrounding tissue, nerves and vascular structures remain virtually undamaged. This minimizes the risks involved with liposuction, considerably improves the result and shortens the patient’s convalescence.
Besides the modern and to-date concept of operation with various preset parameters for liposuction and fat transfer, further individual programming options are available.
Advantages of the body-jet® evo at a glance
  • Harvesting of highly vital adipose tissue including stromal vascular fraction (SVF) and stem cells (ASC)
  • Suitable for small, medium and large fat volumes


Liposuction continues to be one of the most popular of all cosmetic procedures. In addition to being one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures liposuction is one of the most talked about. Very few people who are concerned about their figure have not at least considered having a liposuction procedure performed. However, many people are rightfully concerned about possible complications, pain associated with the liposuction, and how much downtime they will experience.
What if you could safely reshape your body contour, recover quickly, and experience long lasting benefits with little discomfort. Body-Jet liposuction, an office procedure not requiring general anesthesia, can provide those very benefits. As one the Key Opinion Leaders of Bodyjet technology , Dr. Tawfik Sefrioui has researched and has experienced with his patients these very issues and found that water-assisted lipo, like Body-Jet, consistently delivered a faster recovery, less need for pain medication, and earlier return to work and activity than other methods. This has been our experience over the past 4 years of using Body-Jet that all of his research observations are exactly what happens with the majority of our patients. Most of our patients resume work and some exercise within few days and are doing anything they want to within one week.
Many people are talking about using a person’s own fat to provide additional volume in the face or hands. This is easily accomplished using Body-Jet liposuction because the fat is removed in a more gentle manner. A medical study of this issue of fat viability showed that Body-Jet lipo fat transfers had a 90% viability rate. Our experience mirrors this study with many satisfied patients having long term volume replacement with Body-Jet fat transfer. An added benefit of fat transfer is the improvement in skin texture in the transplant area due to the high number of mesenchymal stem cells found in fat.
Fat transfer plus the added growth factors found in platelet rich plasma (PRP) are what cause the remarkable improvement in skin texture that can accompany fat transfer. Not only do you receive the benefit of body contouring with Body-Jet liposuction, but you also receive the long lasting tissue filler effects and the skin improvement from the stem cell signaling that can occur with Body-Jet fat transfer.
Many other medical studies have established the significant benefits of Body-Jet liposuction. These results include surgery time reduced by up to 40%, less pain, faster recovery, and improved fat grafting. Our experience and the superior benefits of Body-Jet liposuction can provide consistent results to enhance and improve your figure with less complications and faster recovery. I would like to invite you to receive a complementary consultation and discuss what Body-Jet liposuction can do for your figure and body contour.
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BodyJet Liposuction is an amazing, revolutionary new method that gently and effectively removes fat to reveal the contoured body you have always wanted. BodyJet Liposuction is a completely new method of liposuction and the first ever in Casablanca.
Body-Jet uses a gentle, pulsating spray of fluid that removes fat without the extreme force used in traditional liposuction procedures. This incredible new method is called water assisted liposuction and results in minimal tissues trauma, less bruising, and excellent results.
• Gentle Fat Removal
• Minimally Invasive
• Rapid Recovery
• Excellent Results
*Results will vary based on multiple factors
Gentle pulses of fluid, actually a dilute anesthetic solution, dislodge and remove fat through a small tube. The unique pulsating spray loosens and separates the fat from the other tissue very effectively and with minimal trauma. At the same time the fluid is removed just as fast as it is introduced. This allows improved comfort, as wells as a faster and more accurate procedure.
• Minimal downtime and discomfort
• Less distortion of body contours
• More accurate and precise body sculpting
• Performed under local anesthesia
• Most patients back to work and normal activity in just days
If you are in good health with localized, exercise resistant fat deposits that just will not go away BodyJet Liposuction at our Scarless Cosmetic Surgery Facility in Casablanca could be perfect for you. The best liposuction candidates are no more than 25 pounds overweight or less than a body mass index (BMI) of 30. Sometimes exceptions can be made for this. Feel free to review liposuction experiences by actual patients of Aesthetica Med Spa!
Just about any area of the body with extra fat deposits can be treated. The most popular choices are the abdomen, waist, back bra area, hips, thighs, knees,legs ,arms, and under the chin.
BodyJet Liposuction is an effective liposuction alternative. Dr. Tawfik first numbs the area to be treated with gentle pulses of anesthetic fluid through tiny openings in the skin. Then through these same small openings the Body-Jet delivers pulses of additional numbing solution to gently dislodge and remove the unwanted fat. Body-Jet uses less anesthetic solution and thus allows the doctor to more clearly sculpt the area of the body being treated. This can allow a significantly superior cosmetic result with less time in the surgery room and less downtime and recovery for the patient. In addition, because this technique is gentler than traditional lipo, the fat removed is in better condition after removal. Body-Jet Lipo’s ability to preserve fat in a more pristine condition makes it ideal for fat transfer to other areas of the body such as the face and hands.
*Recovery is in most cases quick and easy. Many patients report rapid recovery and being pain free in just days. You should easily be able to drive the next day, begin exercise within a week, and be able to do just about anything in less than two weeks in the Austin area, or anywhere else you may reside.
 *Results will vary based on multiple factors that will be explained by Dr Tawfik Sefrioui throughout your Consultation