Women Breast Liposuction


Women Breast Liposuction for Breast Reduction under local anesthesia

Liposuction alone as a treatment of breast hypertrophy has been mentioned in the literature for the past decade but has been limited in its application. Our experience has shown that liposuction breast reduction is an excellent method of breast reduction when applied to the proper patient. The techniques involved in liposuction breast reduction mirror those used in standard liposuction cases, so most plastic surgeons will find the learning curve for this procedure to be very easy. Complications are infrequent and the recovery is rapid and easy. Liposuction breast reduction affords a rapid procedure with minimal complications and easy recovery and can provide a useful alternative to traditional breast reduction surgery in many patients
Dr Tawfik Sefrioui offers training courses for doctors on this procedure
Liposuction Only Breast Reduction: LOBR
No one wants to spend time recovering. Meanwhile we all want to look our best. The objective driving Dr. Tawfik Sefrioui’s practice is while paying attention to these general Patients’ desires, is to make them feel confident, sexy and comfortable while appearing natural.
When it comes to new techniques, Dr Tawfik Sefrioui is on the forefront.
What is LOBR?
The secret ingredient to lifting the breast – is to do it without using techniques that are associated with extensive scaring!
In the right patient, Lipoplasty Only Breast Reduction (LOBR) accomplishes this by removing the fatty portion of the breast through judicious liposuction. As the skin shrinks, during recovery, the nipples become automatically lifted to an aesthetically more pleasing position, without any skin removal and therefore with no scars on the surface of the breast.
Artistic sculpting while performing LOBR however is of essence. Suctioning with abandon can readily create a deformed breast shape.
“It’s a highly underutilized technique. When properly performed it carries a very high satisfaction rate,” says Dr T. “There’s rapid recovery, virtually undetectable scars and no sensory changes.” A more youthful appearing chest is the end result.
LOBR also serves well for the older patient group, many of whom for health or other reasons prefer to have a less invasive, quicker recovery operation.
How Much Fat Is In The Breast?
A mammogram accurately reveals the fatty tissue composition of the breast which allows the surgeon to determine if you are a good candidate. The great majority of the patients are! In younger women, however, a breast ultrasound examination or an MRI, neither of which involves X Rays, is used for the same purpose in Dr Sefrioui’s Practice.
In general, most patients have at least 50% to 80% fat in their breasts.“This means we can reduce the size of the breast by at least 50%. The result of the fat removal becomes even more noticeable because of the simultaneous lifting effect. The tiny hard to see scar is located in the fold under the breast.
Actually surplus of fat in the breast genetically or as the result of pregnancy, weight gain or aging can make women appear older than their actual years, giving them a matronly appearance even at a young age.
The intervention is virtually scarless on the outside, yet leaves behind the framework of an internal brassiere, delaying the development of breast sagging in the years to come!
Does LOBR Work For Everyone?
Even if there is diminished skin elasticity, LOBR can still reduce breast size, in this case, with limited lifting effect. Subsequent Breast reduction/lift now will result in shorter scars – because the breasts have been rendered smaller by the suction performed first.

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